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Non-Surgical Neuropathy Treatment for You

Detailed consultation session

  • About neuropathy

  • The connection to diabetes

  • The connection to diet

  • Do you have it?

  • Can it be treated?

Get pain relief without medication!

Why treat your chronic pain with pharmaceutical drugs, with all their damaging side effects when you can go medication free? Consult Dr. Silcox of Silcox Acupuncture & Chiropractic to find out more about our neuropathy treatment.

Receive friendly treatment

Along with your consultation, you'll also receive 1 FREE Peripheral Neurotherapy Treatment!

Count on our locally owned and operated acupuncture and chiropractic clinic to provide you effective treatment.

If you're suffering from chronic and severe pain, our new, non-surgical and painless laser-like high-tech treatment can help you. Called DIRE (Dualchromatic InfraRed Energy), this treatment can significantly reduce the pain or eliminate it entirely.

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During consultation, you'll also be educated about current neuropathy pain relief treatment protocols. An examination will be conducted to determine if you'll respond to our treatment.